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Easy payment option : 7 USD/month

  • GoDaddy Appraisal : 100 USD
  • Adjustment : -30 USD
  • Expires on : 2021-03-22

For more flexibility, you can discuss with me if OPPORTUNITES.MG interests you. In some cases the price is negotiable, we can also agree on other payment methods.

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    This choice allows you to become the owner of this premium domain name. The transfer code you will obtain will allow you to transfer it to your registrar. To keep your domain name, you will have to pay standard renewal fees each year.
  • Rent for 3.5 USD/month
    This choice allows you to use this premium domain name for your project. The minimum contract is one year and you will have to pay the indicated monthly rent. You will have the appropriate web hosting and email addresses for your project.
  • Swap
    This choice allows you to obtain this premium domain name by offering a swap with a domain name belonging to you. The domain name you propose should have about the same value as this one. You pay the difference in value and swap fee.

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