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This choice allows you to become the owner of this premium domain name. The transfer code you will obtain will allow you to transfer it to your registrar. To keep your domain name, you will have to pay standard renewal fees each year.

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This choice allows you to use this premium domain name for your project. The minimum contract is one year and you will have to pay the indicated monthly rent. You will have the appropriate web hosting and email addresses for your project.


This choice allows you to obtain this premium domain name by offering a swap with a domain name belonging to you. The domain name you propose should have about the same value as this one. You pay the difference in value and swap fee.


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Premium Domain Name

It is a domain name owned and offered for sale by a domain name professional who may be an individual or a domain name registration company. A domain name is considered premium by its relevance in the business, it is formed by the word or words that perfectly indicate what the buyer wants for his project.

A premium domain name is like a precious stone, its price of acquisition is not the same as that of the initial registration, it can range from a hundred dollars to millions of dollars. But the price of renewal is obviously that of a standard domain name, according to its TLD.

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