Hey, I am

Sahaza Marline

I am a WordPress Fullstack Developer and Consultant in digital innovation based in Antananarivo (Madagascar). I am the Founder and Leader of the STEM4Good movement which works for a better education of STEM in Madagascar and in Africa.

More about me

Digital entrepreneur

My line of code “Hello World” was written in 2007, in PHP. This language made me learn a lot: Facebook applications, Jelix framework, Joomla CMS, Drupal … but from 2009 I preferred to focus on WordPress. Using this powerful tool, I created no less than 200 websites as a freelance WordPress Developer. To better meet the expectations of my clients, I launched SM.Agency in 2012.


A movement of scientific leaders working for better STEM education for 7-18 year olds. Our volunteers introduce children to coding through our CoderDojo and CoderBus programs. We inspire and demonstrate the applicability of STEM by involving the best in major international events such as the FIRST Global Robotic Challenge, Robotex and TechFest.

Digital innovation consultant

Companies, organizations and personalities call on me to advise and support them in their digital transition. Through an interview, training or workshop, I share with them the adapted case-by-case strategy that will help to heal online reputation and make it one of the drivers of success.


Bitcoin was born on the same day as my birthday. Cryptocurrencies have always fascinated me, mainly because they work without a central authority or a single administrator and that there is no possibility of fraud. I dream of the perfect cryptocurrency: everyday practice, stable, having the ideal value and simplified writing.

My own projects

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